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Toolbox talks that are engaging and dynamic. Contains inbuilt 3D modelling videos embedded in a QR code to enhance your learning experience.

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Attend our courses online or join us in our Covid-19 safe premises. Our interactive courses are tailor made to ensure each learner has a full understanding of the subjects.

Our Consultancy Services

Our consultants are here to support you and your business to ensure compliancy. Our services include:

Health and safety meeting and training

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What Are Health And Safety Policies And Procedures?

Essentially, they are a statement that you are adhering and maintaining the required level of health and safety in the workplace. They include; tasks, rules, responsibilities and more to ensure that you achieve a safe working environment.

What Is a Risk Assessment?

An employer is required to protect their employees from harm under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This means conducting a “careful examination of what in your workplace could cause harm to people.”.

Why Do We Need Policy Writing?

Every organisation has to legally show how they manage health and safety in the workplace. Our expert health and safety consultants work with you to write policies for you.

What Is A Construction Phase Plan (CPP) Needed for?

A CPP is a document used in health and safety management for construction projects both commercial and domestic. They include details of the work being carried out, information about the project’s team and any emergency arrangements specific to the project.

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